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Your Sterling Silver Guide!

Sterling silver is probably a bigger part of your life than you have ever imagined.  If you are a typical woman, you probably own several silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry pieces.  Many men are fond of sterling silver neck chains, bracelets and rings.  On special occasions, you put aside your daily-use plates and settings in favor of your sterling silver tableware.  Silver is so precious that we even refer to a married couple's 25th year together as their Silver Anniversary.

We aim to provide a wealth of information about silver, sterling silver, and silver care for the buyer of sterling jewelry, art, dinnerware, flatware, and other silver items.  Information is provided in the form of brief articles, indexed in the column to the right. 

We are constantly adding to our library of articles, so please give us your ideas for new ones!

The authors of this guide are producers of sterling silver jewelry, but this particular site is noncommercial.  It was developed to answer many questions that our customers have asked over the years about silver.

Featured Articles

Tired of fighting tarnish?  Consider sterling silver products made of Argentium®, a new sterling alloy that contains germanium.  This element makes sterling tarnish-resistant.  (Go To Article)

Of course, this new alloy is not going to help you deal with the tarnish on products you already own.  With simply storage and display strategies, you can get the upper hand on sterling silver tarnish!  (Go To Article)

Think you are allergic or skin-sensitive to silver?  You very well could be. But did you know that many people react to silver, gold and other jewelry items because of nickel in the alloy used?  (Go To Article)

If you can sculpt in clay, you can sculpt with silver.  The family of silver PMC products gives artists and jewelry makers an exciting way to create! (Go To Article)

Your Feedback Is Welcomed

If you have a question about silver that is not answered here, please contact us.  We are happy to add to this site, as needed, to ensure that all visitors' questions are answered.  Our goal is to provide a "one-stop" site that addresses every question consumers might have about buying and caring for silver.

Suggested Uses

For The Consumer.  We have made our "articles" brief and to the point.  As such, you should be able to read through the entire index of articles listed to the right in perhaps twenty minutes.  If you are thinking about buying sterling silver jewelry, tableware or other products, we encourage you to start with our first article -- "What Is Silver?" -- and click your way down the entire list of articles.  In no time you will know everything you need to know to be a wise buyer of jewelry, dining accessories and more!

For Merchants.  If you sell sterling silver items on the web or through a bricks and mortar store, feel free to let your customers know about this site. 

Credits.  The teapot above is by Yuki Yagisawa, image courtesy of Taboo Studio.  The beautiful three-piece cream and sugar set is circa 1940; image courtesy of Glass Menagerie.  The four-piece vintage Bradford sterling silver tea service photo courtesy of Perry's Fine, Antique and Estate Jewelry.


Index Of Articles

"Silver 101"
"Sources of Silver"

"Sterling Silver Defined'"
"Silver Standards"

"Silver Marks and Hallmarks"

"Silver Testing Kits"

"The Silversmith"
"Silver Coins"
"Medicinal Uses of Silver"

Plating & Treatments

"Silver Plated Jewelry"
"Gold Vermeil Jewelry"
"Rhodium Plated Sterling"
"Antiqued Silver"

Fake Silver Jewelry

"Alpaca Silver Jewelry"
"German Silver Jewelry"

Silver Jewelry Styles

"Bali Silver"
"Indian Silver"
"Thai Hill Tribe Silver"
"Tibetan Silver"
"Turkish Silver"

Silver Allergies

"Silver/Nickel Sensitivities"
"Hypoallergenic Jewelry"

Recent Developments

"Argentium® Sterling Silver"

"Silver PMC®"

"The Origins of Tarnish"

"Tarnish Removal"

"Firescale (Firestain)"

"Proper Silver Storage"

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